Welcome to International Wellness and Healthcare Travel Interest Group

The International Wellness and Healthcare Travel Interest Group is a collaboration of Hospitals, Doctors, Healthcare Service providers and volunteers, reflecting at all times the best interest of international patients and its members. Our main function is to study and share healthcare news about the medical industry.

Our Mission

Mission of The International Wellness and Healthcare Travel Interest Group is to connect patients, Healthcare providers and communities and view them as equal participants in the healthcare process. Our mission is to provide Information, education, collaboration/partnering, and consultation to patients and members and promote cost effective high quality healthcare system that is affordable and accessible to all. Through our travels, we have learned a lot about what makes for a successful health care system. It all starts with education and doctors who are truly passionate about the work they perform on a daily basis. We like to give recognition for these professionals who advance the field such as Dr. Dalton, Hip and Knee replacement specialist who practices out of Richmond, Virginia. While having the best technology is a huge advantage in the medical field that cannot be overlooked, some doctors are accomplishing wonders with an astonishingly small amount of technological equipment all throughout Asia and the Middle East and other places as well.

Advancing the Field of Medicine

IWHTA looks forward to strengthen ties and intensify collaborative efforts with other healthcare related organizations to undertake a major industry renovation and ultimately advance the healthcare travel industry. By spreading insights with the medical community and keeping tabs on what is working and whats not we hope to be just a small part of what advances the healthcare field to new heights in this country over the next 20 years.

Nobody Left Without Healthcare

We also believe that no child or adult should be left behind without medical care. Through our writing we strive to share the benefits of a universal health care system and the dangers of having a system in place where some people do not get the care they deserve. After traveling globally for many years, this has become more apparent than ever.

We look forward to you sharing in our journey towards better health care through learning about different cultures and sharing the latest health industry news and information.

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